Creative Business Development


Philanthropist pair make a worldwide impact with website launch

When Sylvia and David Banks created their nonprofit Impacting Nations, they had the prosperity of women across the world in mind. And to spread awareness, the compassionate couple needed a website that communicates their commitment to prospective donors. With a mission after my own heart, I consulted the pair, guiding them to create their very […]

Athletic coach gets a heavyweight web design upgrade

Consumers everywhere made their 2023 New Year’s resolutions to be fitter and stronger, so Smooth Fitness LLC made a pledge of its own to offer sleeker, more vibrant web experience featuring his star-studded athletic prodigies and Olympic-level athletes. This website features a dynamic video hero background highlighting Owner Winston Tramble’s personal regimen, and a high-contrast, […]

An honest and professional opinion about website hosting

Have you ever wanted your website to have a cool 4K video playing in the background? How about a sleek popup window, or a captivating, high-resolution photo gallery that clicks with your visitors? If you want the world for your website, it absolutely matters where you host. I often exist on the tail end of […]