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The 4 tasks you should delegate to a graphic design firm already

Company Presentations

These won’t look nearly as good if you would just ask a graphic designer to create a custom PowerPoint template for you. Besides, when you need a presentation (fast), the last thing you need to be fiddling with are slide animations at 3 a.m.

A dedicated graphic designer can offer peace of mind about how your presentation appears. Because your only job is to knock ’em dead in the meeting. Full stop.

Corporate Manuals

If you don’t take your company seriously, your employees won’t either. Consider looking at your internal communications strategy. Really lean in and be honest about how you’d like your company to be represented from within. Think about staff morale. Do they feel like they’re part of a great organization, or that they are just working a job?

A graphic design firm can handle all of the creative parts to liven up your documents, communiques and even email signatures. I call it the “company uniform” effect. When we treat each other professionally by looking good and delivering quality services from within, we can be better for the people we serve on the outside.

Email Headers

It’s hard enough to get people to open emails, anyway. But it helps when the recipient can expect your emails to be lively, colorful and interesting. A graphic designer can create a custom email header that can grace your messages with dignity. Besides, there’s something very “official” about an email with a branded header that you want to take seriously.

White Papers & Reports

If Microsoft Word is open on your desktop, then please close the window. It’s time to delegate your sales documents and important reports to a graphic designer for the greatest impact. Hire an firm that specializes in information design (think infographics). These specific designers use icons, graphs, text and statistics in a manner that reaches a broad range of readers. Your investors will thank you.

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