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Easily win PR hits with a post event photo strategy

Event Photography - Paris Campaigns & Creative

A lot of energy goes into event campaigns. Media buys, online engagement, payment processing… all of it is enough to make an event planner take a two-week vacation overseas. But how you wrap up your event planning routine can pave the road for future event promotion success. After all, a good event PR strategy doesn’t […]

We added digital curb appeal to this concrete contractor’s website

When Chattanoogans want to cool out on their custom concrete patio, we want them to think about Cox Concrete. A family owned operation, this concrete contractor is trusted with the biggest, toughest residential and commercial projects. Our opinion: their website needed to reflect their unique commitment to customer care from start to finish. Besides, their […]

Your call-to-action button is weak. (This is how to glam it up.)

how to write a call-to-action

Your call-to-action (CTA) is the doormat in front of your house, the sign in front of your store, and the traffic light that tells us when to go. Without it, your page visitor is left feeling aimless and stranded. In this post, we’ll discuss how to create a CTA button that’s concrete, clever and generates […]

Do you even need a popup window? 3 website tips to spare

Do you even need a popup window? 3 website tips to spare

Have you ever wondered if you should use a popup window? Everyone is doing it, so you should, too… Right? Let’s look into the brief history of the popup as well as best approaches for your next web project. Remember way back when popup windows infected your Windows 95 screen and you didn’t know where […]

Disappointed by design? Here’s what you can do…

Being a consultant, I encounter so many different personality and work styles — some positive, some quirky and some that are downright detrimental. I’ve seen everything — from the person who approves every single project without review, to the chief executive who spends two weeks approving a single Instagram graphic. I make a point to […]

Philanthropist pair make a worldwide impact with website launch

When Sylvia and David Banks created their nonprofit Impacting Nations, they had the prosperity of women across the world in mind. And to spread awareness, the compassionate couple needed a website that communicates their commitment to prospective donors. With a mission after my own heart, I consulted the pair, guiding them to create their very […]

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