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Easily win PR hits with a post event photo strategy
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A lot of energy goes into event campaigns. Media buys, online engagement, payment processing… all of it is enough to make an event planner take a two-week vacation overseas. But how you wrap up your event planning routine can pave the road for future event promotion success. After all, a good event PR strategy doesn’t stop when tickets are sold out.

What’s a post event strategy

Marketers and event planners often think to send “save the dates”. But how many are sending “see you next times?” A creative event strategy includes a call-to-action (or your choice of media outreach) not only at the start of the event campaign but at the end. For most of us, this means taking photos during and after our events.

Crudely, the routine should look like this:

Save the Dates > Campaign Promo Launch > PR/Media Outreach > Event Happens > Post Event Media Outreach

Why event photography is the perfect post-event wrap-up

It’s usually thought of to send press releases at the start of your event. So the idea of sending photos to newspapers after the event ends is foreign and perhaps confusing. Below you’ll find some logic behind this line of thinking and why post-event photography is a wise decision.

PR coverage is a tried and true method to garner media attention and encourage audience development, yet some organizations forget this essential step when an event is over.

Newspapers are always looking for community photos. By sending a photo and caption to your local news outlets, you’re helping them quite literally fill the gaps in delivering coverage that highlight happenings in the neighborhood. They even give credit to the submitter, which is bonus brand recognition for you!

Post-event PR is the perfect segue to your next event. Whether you’re running a monthly event series or a seasonal symposium, it’s wise to send a brief press release and photo caption that recaps your event but also teases the next. This is great for new and emerging businesses that are building an audience for the first time.

Press coverage is great proof for shareholders. Show and tell your impact to current and potential investors by getting your events in the public eye. This keeps them aware of your community engagement and reassures them that their dollars are well spent.

Post-event photography can be helpful in other ways, including updating your company blog and social media, redesigning your website, freshening up email campaigns and adding to a fancy annual report. Event photography prices may vary, but it’s an investment that gives lasting returns.

Do you use an event photographer? How often do you remember to take photos of your events. And when you take photos, do you share them with the media or just your own social channels?

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