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Disappointed by design? Here’s what you can do…

Being a consultant, I encounter so many different personality and work styles — some positive, some quirky and some that are downright detrimental. I’ve seen everything — from the person who approves every single project without review, to the chief executive who spends two weeks approving a single Instagram graphic.

I make a point to meet people where they are. But I do have advice for the business owner who just isn’t satisfied with any creative project.

Let go. This is the hardest thing for any business owner to do, and many times, this is the final step before a company approaches success. Being able to delegate is key to freeing yourself up to focus on more pressing areas of your business. The time it takes to review a social media graphic should be minimal compared to issues such as staffing or a decline in sales. This is not to say that marketing creative work is not important. However, the design of your ad alone is NOT going to save your company from its more critical issues.

Be open minded. Part of letting go is allowing yourself to embrace someone else’s creativity. You may be the best taco shop in town, trained in the art of tantalizing taste buds. But you’re not also a web developer who understands how to help your customers place orders online. You’re also not a food photographer who knows just how to add mouthwatering appeal to your menu. Just like you wouldn’t want me to tell you how to prepare Carne Asada, you can give yourself permission to let the creative professionals work wonders for you.

Fascinated by creativity? Take a workshop. There’s nothing wrong with going the DIY route, that is, if you’ve taken up the appropriate training. Thankfully there are endless courses online to teach you how to be the creative professional you’ve dreamed to be. So long as it doesn’t impact your existing business role, having a dual profession is a dope idea! I’m a dual professional with a background in both print journalism and web development. While my days in public relations and news media are way behind me, I still consult organizations on best approaches while also taking on web projects.

As for you, taking on some creative skills can be helpful and can save money in the short term. Just know that being a creative professional comes with a commitment to continued education that could take you away from your normal business operations. So be warned.

Go a different direction. Each designer comes with his or her own style and technique. To try and turn a pop art designer into a corporate stationery artist would be a frustrating experience for both you and your contractor. To avoid this situation, browse the designer’s portfolio first before committing to a contract. It may be a challenge to order an elegant gala flyer from a cartoon artist (or you just might, but finding a single designer with both of those art styles can be rare). And if a meeting of the minds isn’t possible, you may need to enlist a different creative professional for your project. It happens!

Do you have design doubts? Get a second opinion! Lean on my 15+ years of creative experience with a discovery call.

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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